My Featured Minecraft Plugin Projects

Gens Preview

An upgradeable generator (block) that can generate infinite amount of items every configurable amount of seconds

DonutSMP Spawner Preview
DonutSMP Spawner

A replica of DonutSMP's spawner plugin

Item Skins Preview
Phone Hud

A phone plugin that relies on custom resource pack to show unique and eye-catching phone hud in-game

Random Plugins Preview
Boss Raid

A MMORPG-style boss raiding system, where players will be teleported into a boss arena and fight with their comrades.

Item Skins Preview
Item Skins

A cosmetic plugin that can change items' textures/models easily without losing the data of the item just like in any other game.

Bliss Gem Preview
Bliss Gem

A plugin that add a new item (gem) to the server with a special effects/powers on each gems.

Player Cosmetics Preview
Player Cosmetics

A minecraft plugin that gives player ability to wear a custom 3D cosmetics such as backpack, and helmet with resource pack.

Item Skins Preview
Rust Claiming

A replicate of Rust (Steam Game) claiming system (upkeep, blocks health, claiming access, etc)

Item Skins Preview

A boss plugin where you can modify its health, armors, and can spawn minion with auto spawn feature, the boss gets harder each phase

Item Skins Preview
Bounty Items

A bounty plugin that can set items as the rewards of claiming the bounty

Random Plugins Preview
Random Plugins

A collection of random plugins preview, usually a small plugin.


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